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Following the development of Long Covid healthcare

Long Covid may be changing the face of healthcare. Clinicians, researchers and policy-makers are waking up to the importance of integrated and holistic chronic care modelling for complex, multisystem conditions, appreciating the need to consider quality of life as well as mortality risk, and recognising that patient voice is a valuable and crucial form of evidence. Chronically ill patient groups have been pointing out all of the above for decades, but their testimonies have largely been deemed unimportant.  Hubris is deeply entrenched within healthcare systems and lack of health equity is one of the many harms engendered. This category of blog seeks to track the development of  healthcare policy vis-à-vis Long Covid, whilst noting how pre-pandemic denial around post-viral disability has hampered such policy and created a situation where accountability for harms done to other patient groups must, surely, finally be accepted. It remains to be seen whether the medical establishment and wider health system will demonstrate honesty and integrity in this regard.  

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